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Founded in 2014, the Universal Memorial Park (1103205-H) has been enjoying a sterling reputation as the only Sheng Ji brand in Malaysia as a result of its splendid Feng Shui configurations.

The Universal Memorial Park is located in Semenyih, Ulu Langat in Selangor, Malaysia. Not only is it far away from the hubbub of the city, it is also nestled in a naturally hilly landscape that lends a verdant and vibrant environ, what Feng Shui masters call a place of hidden wind and loaded qi.

Enshrouded in positive energy and auspicious qi, the Universal Memorial Park occupies 10 acres of land, free of encumbrances and specializing in "Yang Di Sheng Ji" , and has been approved by the Selangor state government as a permanent cemetery land.

Business Philosophy

Upholding the culture of filial piety, we would like to emanate good luck, prosperity and blessing to all our clients through Sheng Ji with eminent Feng Shui configurations.

Corporate Vision

We vow to create the number one Sheng Ji brand in Malaysia.

Corporate Mission

To build good values with our business and inspire win/win among leading enterprises.


Do you encounter official officials and catastrophe? Breaking money? The business is not smooth? Financial problem? Health problem? Marriage? Want to increase your life? Don't hesitate, breeding base is your only quickest and most effective solution. The world's political and business celebrities have done, what are you waiting for?

Dato' Thoo

My business suddenly so smooth after planting SHENG JI.


After planted SHENG JI my business so smooth like never before. Achieve financial freedom finally.

Lee Li Jun

Two months after plant SHENG JI, i got my secound marriage.

Tay Kai Ming

This is my second time plant SHENG JI here because of its well effect, its bring me health and financial freedom.

Chong Wai Heng

The Feng Shui configuration here help me on court case.

Kong Meng Lam

My business reached bottleneck, i plant SHENG JI here, and my business smooth again and going for IPO soon.

Ng Li Chen

SHENG JI safe my life!

Lin Chai Fong

After plant SHENG JI, my relationship with everyone is getting better and better.

Lin Wei

Greatest Feng Shui configuration which can't found at HONG KONG! Plant SHENG JI, Universal is the number one choice!

Cheng Xun-hui

Thanks UNIVERSAL give me a chance to get Wealthy and Healthy!

Chen Jun-Jian

Got more movies/ series invitation after plant SHENG JI!

Li Jun-yan

Been 8 years in TVB, after plant SHENG JI, finally got a chance to be main character in movie/ series!

Chris Tong

After plant SHENG JI, i felt the energy and finally thru out my career bottleneck and my business expand!

Jiang Rou-lin

Very strong energy at Universal Yang Di Sheng Ji!

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